Get the Look / Salem Scandinavian Kids Bedroom

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Get the Look / Salem Scandinavian Master Bedroom & Bathroom

We absolutely love this bedroom.  It's a good mix of masculine and feminine which makes it perfect for the Master Bedroom and Bath.  Today we are sharing with you how to "get the look" for our Salem Scandinavian Master Bedroom & Bathroom!

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Five Things Friday

1. Aymee is on her way to a 10 day cruise, and had a pit stop in Sweden.  She sent me some AMAZING pictures, and now all I can think about is taking a trip to Sweden someday.  Have you been?  These Scandinavian clogs are darling, and but not as darling as Jim and Aymee (am I right?). I told Aymee next time they go on a work trip for Jim, she needs to bring me along as her carry on.

2. Summer is here, and so I thought it was time to order a bathing suit.  I found one this year that covers my post baby body beauty marks, and is still stylish.  The most important thing, is that it's flattering, and I feel comfortable in it.  I ordered this suit in navy (on sale for less than $35), and I love it so much!

3. We are working on an AirBNB in Corvallis, that we are calling the "Corvallis Charmer".  I mean, look at it!

4. I can't stop pinning traditional homes like this one these days.  There's something about a classic curb appeal that gets me every time.

5. With Fourth of July right around the corner, I'm already thinking about a party!  I found this adorable cake on pinterest, and might try and replicate it.  Cute, right? 

Have a great weekend!

Guest post / BRAEVIN

Hey everyone! Sarah from Braevin here to share a little bit about cohesive branding and the recent Light & Dwell logo refresh!

Braevin (pronounced bray-vin), is a full service graphic design and photography business based in Portland, Oregon. I do everything from branding and websites to wedding, portrait and interior photography. I'm passionate about storytelling and I believe there is a story to be told whether my client is a new bride or a small business. 

When it comes to cohesive branding, storytelling plays a big role. When I begin working with a client, we always start with stories. I want to know who they are and what they're all about, because that helps set the tone for the project. We talk about inspiration and style and goals for the work ahead, and then I pull together a mood board that communicates those desires. Below is the mood board I created for the most recent Light & Dwell logo refresh:



Our goals were to really simplify the logo and create an identity that not only spoke to who they are, but that would also be reflective of their interior design style. 

In our digital world today, our identity (whether personal or business), is represented all over the internet between social media, websites, email profile photos, etc. When there isn't a clear strategy or cohesiveness, things can look scattered, messy and unorganized. To help clients avoid this, I always design a few variations of the logo that I like to call the "logo family". This creates a group of options that all relate, so that everything from an Pinterest profile photo to a logo on an invoice or a business card feel connected. Below is the logo family for the Light & Dwell refresh:

logo family

logo family

In addition to logos, there are so many other elements that make up a cohesive brand like color, pattern, and type. Once I've designed the logo and before I dive into the website design, I always create a style guide. This is a simple way for me to figure out how the various typefaces will look together digitally and in print, as well as how they appear with any colors and patterns I'm using. Having a style guide to refer back to while designing websites is always a huge help in keeping things consistent and cohesive.

style guide

style guide

One final way to add brand cohesiveness: PHOTOS. Having professional photos taken that speak to who you are and what you do does wonders for your brand. You don't have to use all of them at the same time, but just having a folder of images to use for your website and social media draw in clients, customers and/or viewers to your business in a powerful way. To accomplish this for Light & Dwell, Molly and Aymee have me come to the end of interior design installs to take photos of the (gorgeous!) finished project. That way, all of their portfolio photos look polished and connected to their brand.

website homepage with logo & photos

website homepage with logo & photos

If you have a start-up business that needs branding and a website, or have an existing company that could use a brand refresh, I'd love to hear YOUR story and see how we can work together! My email address is - shoot me a note anytime!

Get the Look / Salem Scandinavian Dining Room & Desk Area

This dining room is so fresh and bright, we can't get enough of it!  We are sharing with you how to "get the look" of this dining room and desk area from the Salem Scandinavian House!  All the products are linked below!

L+D_GetTheLook_Salem-Scandinavian_dining room&desk area.png

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