Five Things Friday

1. This kitchen keeps catching my interest.  I love how bright it is, and it appears bigger because of the ceiling.


2. Aymee and I are all about this smoothie! It's super delicious, and is really healthy!

Creamy Carrot Smoothie Recipe:

8 oz carrot juice

1 frozen banana

handful of raw cashews

2 tbsp hemp seeds

splash of vanilla

handful of ice

*Blend. Yum!

3. Here are some of my spring wardrobe favorites (most of these things are on sale this weekend!) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

4. We have two installs this coming week, one on Sunday and another on Monday.  Here are a few items I always have with me (water bottle, tinted lip balm in natural rose, perfume roller, shoes).

5.  It's time for a change, I'm chopping my hair today! I'm pretty sure I do this every pregnancy... anyone else do the same thing? I'm going for a bob like this...


Have a great weekend!

Corvallis Classic Modern / Part 1

Today we're sharing Part 1 of our Corvallis Classic Modern Project!  We've been working on this project for over a year, so we're really excited to share it with you! Our client had a lot of meaningful family heirlooms, and wanted to incorporate them into her new home.  We kept the finishes modern, yet timeless, because we knew a lot of warmer pieces would be coming into the home.  Our favorite thing about part 1 is the custom Light and Dwell wallpaper we installed in the half bath.  It adds such a fun and bright detail to this bath, and we love the pop of green with all the neutrals.  It was such a joy doing this project, and we absolutely LOVE how it all turned out!  To see the full project, visit the Corvallis Classic Modern Project on our portfolio page!

Part 1:


ENTRY:  Entry Light (similar)  /  Runner  /  Art stand  /  Art  /  Mirror  /  Bowl  /  Faux Greens  /  Vase  /  Lamp  /  Lamp Shade

1/2 BATHROOM:  Soap (similar)  /  Vase  /  Waste Basket  /  Hook  /  Hand towel  /  Sconce  /  Mirror


Five Things Friday

1. I've been dreaming about building a house in the near future (hint hint).  We don't want to build anything ginormous (partly because I don't want to clean anything larger than 2,000-2,500 sq. ft, and I also want to be in close quarters with my family).  One space in particular I've been dreaming up is the upstairs bonus room.  I'm hoping this space can function as a playroom and casual family space.  With that hope in mind, I plan on having lots of functional and practical storage built into this room.  I'm finding inspiration from both of these bonus rooms below.

2. Aymee and I aren't eating sugar from now until the baby arrives (with a few special dates as exceptions).  The pay off? Hopefully me not delivering another 10+ lb baby (Krew weighed 10.2 lbs when he was born), getting healthier, and a reward of $100 to Madewell! It's nice to have Aymee hold me accountable, I couldn't do it without knowing she's counting on me to stick with it. Anyone wanna join? #lightanddwellnosugar if you're in! Here are a few items I've got my eye on when that gift card is won ;) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

3. Our new pillow line is coming out in a couple of months, and we finally finalized all the prints and fabrics! I am especially excited for this new line, because there's multiple colors/styles for everyone... yet every pillow coordinates.  I'm so proud of our team, and can't wait to share them with you soon!  Here's a picture from our recent Corvallis Classic Modern Project with two of our new pillows in the mix (Blush Fern and Green Evelyn). Also, if you didn't already know, all of our current pillows are on sale to make room for the new ones, and if you sign up for our email list, you can get 10% off your first pillow order! Visit our shop to get yours!


4. Want to know the best spring scent?? Stella by Tocca... You guys, it's so amazing. You smell like an orange grove all day.

5. Let's be honest, I hate buying maternity clothes... So I rarely do.  I have a baby shower at the end of April, and I'm debating between a few dresses (none of which are maternity, and all can be worn after baby)... Which one should I choose? HELP! (1, 2, 3).

Have a great weekend!

Seattle Nursery

It's a rare occasion when we get to design a nursery, but we love to do them!  This nursery was especially fun, because it was designed for a couple we've worked with in the past.  The couple recently welcomed their little boy!  The new parents wanted a nursery that was "Woodland" themed.  They love the outdoors, and wanted lots of natural elements.  The design started with the wallpaper, and we went from there.  Because this was a remote, quick install, we didn't have professional pictures taken, so bare with our attempt to capture the space with our iPhone (see video on our highlighted instagram stories).  It turned out darling, and we can only imagine all the tender moments that will take place in that room.  

Five Things Friday

1. This week our team finished up the Corvallis Classic Modern!  It was a project where I had to pinch myself, because I can't believe this is my job.  I get to design spaces for a living!  What a dream.  Here are a few pictures (stay tuned for the full reveal in a few weeks).

Photos taken by Braevin

2. Baseball season has officially begun, which means the Kidd household is getting busy!  To break things up in my day when I'm not working, I've found driving a longer loop home after I drop Karis off at preschool, and plugging in a good podcast helps me feel like I'm gaining encouragement and wisdom that day.  Krew typically takes a nap, so I'll get some drive-thru coffee, and take some "me time" listening to podcasts.  It sounds silly, but sometimes all I want to do is sit in my car and drive.  It helps give me clarity and a fresh perspective.  Some of my favorite podcasts recently are The Happy Hour, The Goal Digger, Going Scared, Chris Loves Julia, and For the Love. Are you a podcast listener? I'm hooked!

3. I really respect Joanna Gaines.  Not just because she's incredibly talented, but she also stays true to herself.  I think it's wise beyond words that her and Chip are ending Fixer Upper to focus on their family and other parts of their design business.  Its been fun to see her style evolve, yet stay the same, throughout her time on HGTV.  Here's a kitchen she recently revealed, and I absolutely love the mix of wood and painted cabinets, open shelving, and countertop/backsplash. SO beautiful!

4. Ayms and I are both huge fans of the Loft.  We both are proud to say we have "mom bods", and embrace the fact that Forever 21 and BP no longer fit us right.  This weekend, the Loft is having a huge sale!  All of their full price tops and sweaters are 40% off.  Here are a few we're loving (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

5.  Speaking of the Loft... I feel like their earring game has gone up a notch.  Right now, all earrings are buy one get one 50% off!  Here are a few favorites (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Have a great weekend!