Our Favorite Organizing Products

Happy New Year! A new year brings a clean slate and a desire to get organized. There’s something about decluttering and simplifying that feels so good, right? To help get things organized, we are sharing some of our favorite products!

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Okay, now we’re ready to purge and organize!

Floor Tile Under $10 / Sq. Ft.

Floor tile is a great way to upgrade a bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room. It doesn’t have to be spendy either. We’re sharing some of our favorite floor tile that’s under $10 a square foot.

Here’s some inspiration:

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Here are some of our favorites!

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Seattle Nursery

It's a rare occasion when we get to design a nursery, but we love to do them!  This nursery was especially fun, because it was designed for a couple we've worked with in the past.  The couple recently welcomed their little boy!  The new parents wanted a nursery that was "Woodland" themed.  They love the outdoors, and wanted lots of natural elements.  The design started with the wallpaper, and we went from there.  Because this was a remote, quick install, we didn't have professional pictures taken, so bare with our attempt to capture the space with our iPhone (see video on our highlighted instagram stories).  It turned out darling, and we can only imagine all the tender moments that will take place in that room.  

Get the Look / Salem Scandinavian Kids Bedroom

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Kuhlman Guest Bedroom

The Kuhlman's have some really unique and fun details in their old home.  One of our favorite features is the original exposed brick.  Downstairs in their basement is where they have a guest bedroom with two twin beds.  This room didn't get much attention when they moved in, but it recently was given a little pick-me-up.  Since it's in the basement, and doesn't have a window, it needed a light color on the walls and lots of extra lighting.  The newly added sconces, bright walls, and mirrored nightstands help bring light to this space.

We added a few sconces, recycled furniture they already had, and unified the bedding.  It looks pretty cute, doesn't it?

Get the look:

Nightstands (similar), Light and Dwell black gingham pillows (custom), Sconce, Bedding (similar), Twin Beds (similar)