Kidd New Build / Dining Room Design

When thinking through our dining room, I wanted it to be a space that could be both casual and formal. In our floor plan, it is off to the side of our open kitchen and living space, but still connected. I envision hosting holiday dinners in this space, but at the same time, I want it to feel casual enough for our family to eat dinner in here nightly. This is one of the spaces in our house that I plan on having a dramatic dark wall or built (haven’t decided yet). I can’t wait to see it come together!

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Kidd New build / Living Room Design

I feel like I’m finally starting to get a vision for our house… and believe it or not, I’ve already changed our kitchen AGAIN and made a few exterior edits. I’d like to say I’m done making changes, but don’t hold me to that ha. I’ll be sure to share those changes once it’s set in stone and materials have been ordered. But for now, I’m sharing our living room mood board and design board. This is the only board that has stayed the same for months… I think it’s my favorite space so far! It just reminds me so much of our family, and I envision lots of good times spent in this space. It’s casual, warm, inviting, and collected. All the things I want our home to be.

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29th Street Bonus Room Reveal

It’s time to reveal our 29th Street Bonus Room! This project was for a returning client, who wanted their upstairs bonus room to be used multi-purposely. Our clients wanted it to be a comfortable hang out space for their kids, family, and friends to enjoy, a work space, and a guest room. In order to make that happen, we decided to break it up by making half of the space moody and dark with shiplap walls, and the other half is bright and comfortable. The work station and large storage closet are primarily in the dark half of the room, while the entertainment space is in the light half of the room. Our clients had tears of joy at the reveal, which is the best feeling in the world! We know this space will get a lot of use, and we’re so happy it’s done for everyone to enjoy.

Now for the before and after pictures… Let’s start with the after.



Kidd New Build / Kitchen Design

Designing my kitchen has been a challenge, and I can see why people hire a designer ;) But, seriously! It feels a lot more challenging when it’s your own space, and I’m not sure why. I’ve dreamed of building a house my entire life, and the fact that it’s happening seems too good to be true.

My style is warm, welcoming, collected, and earthy. The handmade tile, wood island, and honed countertops give it an earthy feel. The rich aged brass, oversized island, and dark stove give it a warm and welcoming vibe. The mix of textures and metals give it a collected look.

I’m so excited to see this kitchen take shape in the months to come!

I shared inspiration and a design board a few months back, but a few things have been tweaked!

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Cozy up your home for Fall/Winter

During the holidays, both Aymee and I love hosting and having people in our homes.  When thinking about decorating for this time of year, it’s all about setting the mood, and cozying up your home to make it warm and inviting.  Here are a few ways we cozy up our home during the holidays.

We like to use Rejuvenation products for multiple reasons! This time of year, they have some of the best throws and pillows to warm up your home for the holidays. Rejuvenation is store we frequent often for our clients.

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