Our Favorite Organizing Products

Happy New Year! A new year brings a clean slate and a desire to get organized. There’s something about decluttering and simplifying that feels so good, right? To help get things organized, we are sharing some of our favorite products!

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Okay, now we’re ready to purge and organize!

Get the Look / Eugene Updated Traditional: Guest Bedroom

It's always a treat when clients have us back to do more spaces in their home.  A month ago, we installed this guest bedroom for some clients in Eugene.  In January, we renovated the majority of their first floor, you can see the rest of their home on our portfolio page under "Eugene Updated Traditional."  We loved working with these clients!  This guest bedroom was itty bitty, but we made it feel larger by putting a full bed in the room, instead of a queen, and adding two side tables instead of one.  We also kept things light and airy, to keep the room from feeling cluttered or closed in.  We're so happy with how it turned out!

Art (left)  /  Art (right)  /  Bed  /  Tray  /  Alarm Clock  /  Glass Vase  /  Side table Lamp  /  Side Table  /  Down Comforter  /  Duvet Cover  /  Sheets & Pillows  /  Stripe Pillow (coming soon)  /  Gingham Pillow (olive coming soon) /  Blue Pillow  /  Throw blanket  /  Mirror  /  Curtain fabric  /  Curtain Hardware  /  Dresser Lamp  /  Frame  /  Candle  /  Tray  /  White Vase  /  Faux Greens  /  Dresser  /  Chair  /  Rug

Our Favorite / Table Lamps

Table lamps are used in almost every room, they are both a practical and statement piece. Your budget, personal style, lifestyle (young kids, empty-nester), and how often the lamp will be used, all play a factor when it comes to choosing the right lamp.  We're here to help make your decision easier, regardless of your budget.  Here are some of our favorite table lamps.  

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Some inspiration:

Design How-To / Making Your Bed

We are sharing our favorite way to make a bed!

Here are some tips for making your bed:

1. Keep the base simple and white!  We tend to buy white sheets, white pillow cases, and a white quilt/duvet to keep it clean.  It looks boring when it's left like that, but don't worry, we add lots of style!

2. Warm things up with a textured and patterned blanket folded at the end of your bed.

3.  Add personality with your pillows! We've shared some of our favorite combinations, for every style!

4.  Layer on the accessories with lighting, bowls, books, and fresh flowers.


All decorative pillows can be found at lightanddwell.com/shop


Different Ways to Style Light + Dwell Pillows!

If you've been avoiding our social media accounts, or haven't been around in the past week, you may have missed the launch of our online shop!  We created this shop with you in mind.  Every item was well thought out, and serves a purpose.  We spent months coming up with our textile line, meeting with different vendors, and collaborating with a small army of people to make this shop a reality.  We're so passionate about making a house a home, and making sure that everyone has access to good, high-quality, eco-friendly design.  For more information about our shop, make sure you check it out if you haven't already under the "Shop" tab at the top of our website.

Today, I'm sharing some ways to style our Light + Dwell Pillows!  All of the patterns can be paired together, they all work together, which makes the combinations endless! By the way, if you happen to own/or buy an item from our shop, please hashtag #lightanddwellstyle on your picture so we can see it in your space! 

Photography: Braevin

Do you have a favorite pillow? We'd love to hear from you!  And don't forget to hashtag #lightanddwellstyle for any Light + Dwell Shop item you post on your social media!