Low/High Dining Room Design

We are sharing two dining rooms, one that is at a higher price point, and the other at a lower price point. When designing a room, we encourage our clients to invest in anchor pieces (furniture, rugs, lighting, and artwork), and buy more affordable accessories. Here are the two designs we’ve created that look eerily similar, but crazy price differences!

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Corvallis Eclectic Traditional / Part 3

We're sharing the dining room and laundry room from our Corvallis Eclectic Traditional Project. Make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven't already!

For the dining room, we really wanted to mix a fun, unexpected color with a traditional board and batten wall to give this room personality.  Our clients are so pleased with how it turned out, and we have to admit, it might just be our favorite dining space to date!

Photography: Audiss Photo Co / Florals: Stemm Floral

Dining Chairs  /  Table  /  Vase  /  Art  /  Curtain Rod  /  Curtain Rings

Corvallis Classic Modern / Part 2

We're sharing Part 2 of our Corvallis Classic Modern Project (Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen).  This home is a mix of vintage and modern, and we love how it takes on the personality of our client.  This project was a big one, and it was fun to see it all come together in the end.  The black doors and cabinets warm up the home, and give it a lot of interest.  Another feature we love is the built in bench next to the fireplace, built by Bourbon Moth.  Honestly, we love it all!  You can see the full project on our Portfolio Page.

DINING ROOM:  Lighting  /  Art  /  Chairs  /  Box  /  Mirror (similar)  /  Vase  /  Faux Flowers (similar)  /  Green Vase (similar)  /  Candle  /  Bowl (similar)

FAMILY ROOM:  Floor Lamp  /  Chairs  /  Throw Blanket (similar)  /  Benches  /  Basket with Birch Wood  /  Rug  /  Coffee Table  /  Coffee Table Accessories:  "In Full Flower" Book  •  Vase  •  Faux Greens (similar)  •  Gold Object (similar)  •  Tray  •  Boxes  /  Side Table  /  Side Table Accessories: Frame  •  Lamp •  Gold Vase  •  Candle  /  Fiddle Fig Basket  /  Pillows:  White & Blue Plaid  •   Navy Plaid  •  Dottie  •  Olive  •  Gingham 

Before & After / Hurricane Harvey Project Kitchen & Nook

When we had the opportunity to help a family in need after Hurricane Harvey, we jumped on it.  Sometimes, it's easy to feel helpful when natural disasters strike in different parts of the country/world, and we didn't want that to be the case when a friend reached out about her entire first floor being destroyed in the hurricane.  We've been working with contractors in Houston, and ordering product for their home since the hurricane hit.  Its been really life-giving for us to give to a family who desperately needed help, and we had the privilege of flying out there this past month to finish the project and give them a real install.  We'll remember this forever!

(Special thanks to Bourbon Moth and Braevin for donating their products and services).




Before & After / Eugene Updated Traditional Entry, Living Room & Dining Room

We're sharing the second half of the Eugene Updated Traditional Project! Last week we shared the Den and Master Bath, today we're sharing the Entry/Living Room/and Dining Room spaces.  To read more about this project, get links to all the product we used, make sure you check out last weeks post!




ENTRY  •  Art Sconce  /  Art  /  Stools  /  Mirror  /  Lamp  /  Planter  /  Faux Greens  /  Candle  /  Tray  /  Cabinet  /  Mirror  /  Rug  /  Shoe Basket /  Layered Trays: Stripe  •  Check  /  Planter  /  Faux Greens  /  Side Table

DINING ROOM  •  Chairs  /  Faux Greens  /  Vase  /  Table  /  Lighting  /  Art (left)  /  Art (right)  /  Rug  /  Barstools  /  Faux Fiddle Fig  /  Planter

LIVING ROOM  •  Floor Lamp  /  Chairs  /  Art  /  Sofa  /  Rug  /  Ottoman  /  Ottoman Accessories: Book  •  Candle  •  Faux Greens & Planter  •  White Pot  •  Beads  •  Magnifying Glass  •  Star Object  •  Tray  /  Small Ottomans  /  Table Lamp  /  Side Table  /  Side Table Accessories: Faux Greens  •  Planter  •  Frame  /  Ladder  /  Throw Blankets: Plaid  •  Ivory  /  Chair & Sofa Pillows: Navy  •  Dark Olive  •  Leathered  •  Blue Fern  •  Navy Plaid  /  Curtain Fabric  /  Curtain Rod  /  Curtain Rings