We are excited to share with you our before and after photos from the home we helped remodel in Whistler!  It was a project that started in June, and was just finished this past month.  However, there are still pieces arriving, so the home isn't completely finished!  

The Barnard Family knew they wanted a "modern cabin" look to their home in Whistler.  We added lots of wood elements for a rustic feel, and gave it a modern look by sticking with white walls and clean finishes.  We are so happy with how it turned out!  

Here are the AFTER pictures:

Photos by:



Rug // Lamp // Pillows // Hooks (similar) // Art


Now for the BEFORE pictures:

Thanks again for entrusting us with your home, Barnard Family!


***The project isn't fully finished, there are still lots of finishing "decorating pieces" that haven't been installed yet.