INSPIRATION // Art Favorites

One of our favorite things to choose for a space is the art work.  It warms things up, and gives it a personal touch.  We rounded up some of our current favorite art pieces to share with you for inspiration!

[Created by Light and Dwell llc.]

[Created by Light and Dwell llc.]

1. "Longhorn Steer Close-up", The Animal Print Shop, starting at $25

2. "Pressed No. 3" Wall Art Prints by Julia Contacessi, Minted, starting ast $20

3. "Dreams", West Elm, starting at $149

4. "Marbled Wake" Wall Art Prints by SylvieCeres Designs, Minted, starting at $20

5. "Flutter Watercolor" Wall Art Prints by Andi Pahl, Minted, starting at $20

6. "Big Sur, California", Mandi Nelson, starting at $46

7. "Weathered" Wall Art Prints by Melanie Severin, Minted, starting at $20

8. "Snowy Forest" by Kevin Russ, One Kings Lane, starting at $189