Pillow Tips and Tricks

Light and Dwell Pillows are available for our design clients.

Light and Dwell Pillows are available for our design clients.

Have pillow questions?? We are here to help!

We get asked questions about pillows all the time, and we wanted to answer our top 3 questions.

1. What kind of inserts should I buy? We recommend buying inserts a size up from the actual pillow cover.  For example, if you purchase a pillow cover that is 20x20, use a 22x22 insert.  This allows the pillow to look fluffier and fuller.  We also recommend buying feather down inserts.  We love these inserts from Pottery Barn.

2. Zippers or no zippers?  ZIPPERS!!!! Can we say that again??? ZIPPERS!  They are an absolute MUST.  If you want to have your pillows for more than a month, we highly recommend purchasing pillows with zippers.  Zippers allow you to wash your pillows, which is a must if you have kiddos (and lets be honest, if you are a human living on your pillows, they should be washed!).

3.  How many pillows should I have on my couch/sectional?  And what sizes?  We typically like an odd number, unless you have a more traditional sitting room, in that case, we usually recommend 4 pillows (2 different patterns, 20x20's).  But, in most cases, we recommend 5 pillows for sectionals (4 square + 1 rectangle), and 3 for couches (2 square + 1 rectangle or 3 square).  Here are a few examples:

From the  Hekker LA Project .
From the  Badger Living Room .

Here are 12 of our favorite pillows with zippers:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12