Kuhlman Guest Bedroom

The Kuhlman's have some really unique and fun details in their old home.  One of our favorite features is the original exposed brick.  Downstairs in their basement is where they have a guest bedroom with two twin beds.  This room didn't get much attention when they moved in, but it recently was given a little pick-me-up.  Since it's in the basement, and doesn't have a window, it needed a light color on the walls and lots of extra lighting.  The newly added sconces, bright walls, and mirrored nightstands help bring light to this space.

We added a few sconces, recycled furniture they already had, and unified the bedding.  It looks pretty cute, doesn't it?

Get the look:

Nightstands (similar), Light and Dwell black gingham pillows (custom), Sconce, Bedding (similar), Twin Beds (similar)