Five Things Friday

1. Aymee is headed to Puerto Vallarta next week!  We are accessorizing one of our client's condo while there, and stuffing a large suitcase full of goods that couldn't be shipped.  Including these awesome fabric chair cushions, Loom Goods pillows, Light and Dwell Pillows, and the most comfortable Tkees

2. Molly is trying to change all of her household products to non-toxic, eco-friendly ones. Do you have any favorites?? She just switched out dryer sheets to these wool dryer balls.  Molly adds a few drops of essential oils, and boom! Smells AMAZING.


3.  This is Sarah's winter uniform... Skinny jeans, sweater, thermalboots... on repeat.

4. To grandmothers house we go!

Yay! Molly's parents are in their new home, and we can't wait to share with you the final look in a few months.  Molly and her helpers made the trek to Salem this week to help her parents choose furniture for their living room.  Karis just couldn't help but run immediately to the doorbell.  We absolutely love how the house numbers and outdoor light turned out!

5. Is anyone else binge watching "This Is Us"??? Don't even get us started... If you haven't started watching it, start this weekend! 

Have a great one!

-Ayms, Molls, and Sar