Five Things Friday

Here at Light and Dwell, we want to start letting you guys in on more than just our interior design business.  We would love to share with you more about our families, our hobbies, our favorite clothing items, our travels, and other random things that are going on in our lives!  So, we are starting something called, "Five Things Friday."  Every Friday (we will try and post every Friday ;) ), we will let you in on Five Things other than our interior design business.  Whether it's a question you guys have in regards to something we have been wearing, or an event that went on during the week, we want to share it with you!  So, here we go!  Our first ever "Five Things Friday!"

1.  With a new year, comes a fresh start!  Brad and Molly built a desk unit for their home, so Molly would have an in-home office that wasn't the dining room table.  Many of you asked where I bought my lamp and clock, here is a similar lamp and a similar clock.

2.  Since we are trying to stay organized, and we are old school, we still use paper planners.  Molly got this adorable planner in navy for Christmas.

3.  It snowed here this week, and its been FREEZING cold!  Aymee has her eye on these boots for winter, that she originally spotted on our dear friend, Sarah.

4.  Carrying around a diaper bag 24/7 isn't always the most professional look :) Molly was gifted this beautiful work bag in English Saddle for Christmas from her Mom and Sister.  She absolutely LOVES it.

5.  It's time to buckle down and get our booties into gear after the holidays got the best of our waistlines and energy! These Nikes Aymee was gifted for Christmas are the perfect motivation... And how cute is this jacket Molly has her eye on for those cold runs outside!


Have a great weekend! Stay tuned for next weeks Five Things!