Five Things Friday

1. The Light and Dwell Team (all three of us)! had an amazing work day yesterday.  We spent the day looking back at our first year in business, and dreaming about this coming year... Let's just say we have some fun things in store!  Something we learned, is that you must own a long black jacket and camel work bag in order to work for Light and Dwell haha.  Also, for those of you wondering who this third lady is, her name is Sarah!  We talk about her ALL THE TIME, but she hasn't had much screen time.  She's our go-to-gal for all things photography and graphic design.  Sarah is on the Light and Dwell Team, but also has her own photography business and graphic design business called Braevin.  She's kind of the best.  We love her!  If you're interested, you can find the black jacket here, and the camel work bag here.  We love our team, and are so thankful for all of you who have supported us on this fun adventure!  


2.  Sarah bought this darling wall calendar to keep track of birthdays.

3.  Sometimes we get to work on our own homes, and this past week, Aymee had some custom pillows made for her bedroom.  Did you know that we can have custom pillows and curtains made for you if you hire us for a consultation or home renovation/remodel? Visit our Design Services page and fill out our design questionnaire!  We would love to work with you! And how cute are Aymee's new pillows?



4.  Molly can't get her nose out of this amazing book. It's incredibly inspiring, whether you are a working woman or not, it's really good.  Also, this rug came this week, and it's giving Molly all the heart eyes!  Aymee also has the same rug in her bedroom... You could say we are crushing on it hard.

5.  Many of you messaged us about these hooks Molly put up this week, you can get them here.  No more throwing bags and coats on the floor!

We hope everyone has a great weekend!