Five Things Friday

1. Natural wood cabinets are what my parents had growing up, so I think I'll always be fond of it.  I love that it's timeless, and it holds up so well. Do you prefer painted or natural wood cabinets?  If I ever build a house, I think I'll have a tough time choosing!

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2. Wednesday was my birthday, and I had some friends surprise me for a celebratory lunch.  We went to Two Stones Pizza in Corvallis, which is SO good. Three out of the five of us there can't have gluten, and at Two Stones, they have a separate oven for gluten-free!  It's delicious!

3. I've been wanting a good pair of slippers for a long time. Our entire house has wood floors, so having something warm on my feet is nice for the fall/winter.  Brad got me these slippers for my birthday.  Here are a few other pairs that look cozy too (1, 2, 3).

4. Rain jackets are a must these days here in Oregon.  I recently discovered rain jackets in this material, and I absolutely love the look and feel of them (1, 2, 3).

5. We're currently renovating a house in Eugene, and part of the renovation was refacing the fireplace.  It used to be partial brick, but we've updated it by adding black ship-lap along the entire wall and it wraps around the hallway.  Here are a few progress pictures of that space (dark stone still needs to be added).