Five Things Friday

1. This past week was filled to the brim with Valentine's Day and Birthdays!  If you live in Corvallis, you have to visit Bellhop on Madison.  It's the cutest place, and I hear their pie is amazing (I wouldn't know, because it's not gf, but my husband Brad loves it)!  I can't get enough of their green booths!

2. Every week I find myself back at my parents house (The Nelson Project), not just to visit, but also help them put together their new place.  This week, these chairs came in, and they couldn't be more perfect for their space.  They've had this farmhouse table for years, but needed to update their chairs, and we love these ones paired with it! Some of you asked me about this shirt I wore in an instagram story last week, it's a new favorite (and is on sale this weekend)!  The tiny tulips on it make me hopeful that Spring is right around the corner.

3. Both Aymee and I love a good almond milk latte.  Lately, I've been adding cinnamon... it's a total game changer.  

4. Why am I so obsessed with green?? I just am!  Green is a favorite color we use here at L&D, and you can almost always find it in our designs.  I drove by this house the other day, and had to stop and take a picture of it.  The exterior color is my dream green... I love it!  I plan on knocking on the owners door as soon as they move in.

5. Aymee and I are both trying to live healthier, and make better health-conscious decisions.  We both are trying to work out regularly again, and make better eating and sleeping habits for ourselves (but if you aren't getting much sleep due to life, here's a good under-eye concealer that'll do the trick to make you look well rested ;) ).  Life is busy, messy, and can be all about everyone else's needs when you're a mom... However, we've realized that it's super important to take care of ourselves, so we can be all in, no matter what we're doing.  I've been living in these leggings recently, which have helped me stay active... they are my go-to from working out, to running around as a mom, to dressing up for work.  Not to mention, they are definitely post baby approved :)   

Have a great weekend!