Five Things Friday

1. Something I've been loving lately is patterned window treatments.  Whether its roman shades, cafe curtains, or drapes... I love them!  For some reason, bedrooms are always the last thing we decorate in the Kidd home.  I don't know why, but our three bedrooms are the most neglected when it comes to design.  I've been thinking about ways to update our bedrooms, and I'm starting with textiles.  First up, Karis' room!  Here are the textiles I'm leaning towards for her room, and I'm drawn to this charming fabric for her drapes!

2. It may still be raining here in the PNW, and the forecast for this weekend says snow, but that won't stop me from thinking about warmer days ahead.  As a mom, I'm always thinking about comfort, especially when it comes to shoes.  I've had my eye on these wedges in taupe for summer... Cute, right? And this brand is super comfortable.  But realistically, I need to have these rain boots on my wish list for the next few months. C'mon Oregon, get the Spring memo.

3. Gingham is one of our favorite patterns here at L&D, and it's no longer for your Grandma's Country Home, it's for your Trendiest Modern Friends Home now... Trust us!  We even love mixing different gingham patterns/sizes/colors together.  For example, we mixed and matched these gingham sheets with one of our L&D gingham pillows at the Nelson House.  We are also big fans of rod iron beds, like this one.

4. Spring is all about cleaning.  This year, I've decided to switch all of my toxic cleaning products, to safer/more cost-effective homemade cleaners.  It starts with a cute spray bottle for me, and here are some I've recently found and love.  Do you have any favorite homemade cleaning supplies? Please share, I need all the help I can get... I'm a newbie!

5. Mixing metals isn't just a trend in interiors, it's also trending in fashion.  It's no secret we love statement earrings here at L&D, and this is a pair we have our eye on.


Have a great weekend, friends!


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