Five Things Friday

1. I (Molly) have been down for the count this week with the worst flu. So this week, I've been spending every chance I can in my bed.  Which had me of course dreaming about sheet sets.  I now have my eye on these dreamy sheets for spring when I trade out my flannel sheets for cotton ones.

2. We are already thinking about spring and summer, and the fact that wedding season is just around the corner.  This dress is one we've all got our eyes on.


3. Since today's St. Patricks Day, I thought I'd share some of my favorite green walls...

Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia

4. Sarah snapped this shot of this rug (that happens to be on sale!), and sent it to me.  Isn't it fun? I'm also loving her jeans and nail polish... It makes me once again excited for those warmer days.

5. Am I the only adult excited to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie out today?! You better believe I'm going tonight, and I'm bring my extra large "purse" to stash some goodies into the showing... Shh... :) 


Have a great weekend!

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