Five Things Friday

1. Aymee spent the weekend in Dallas for her daughter's cheer competition.  The South is so different from the PNW, full of new inspiration.  Now all I can think about is doing a project with brick and black accents... I mean, look at this building!

2. We are trying to make healthier lifestyle changes around here, which has us all trying new recipes.  I tried this "caramel" recipe on Karis, and it was a success!  All that's in it is 20 dates, 8 tablespoons of almond milk, and a dash of sea salt.  Whip it together in a food processor, and YUM.  Do you have any easy, go-to healthy treats?

3. March, we made it!  Is anyone else so relieved that winter is almost behind us? There were glimpses of warmer weather this week, enough to make us draw the blinds and let some sunshine in through the windows.  The only downside is now I can see all the places that need dusting ;)

4.  I've had my eye on this dress for summer.  It's black and white plaid... My favorite! I think our entire L&D team needs it!

5. Next week is Sarah's birthday, and we can't wait to celebrate her!  We love Sarah so much, and she does SO much for our team.  She created this birthday wish list, and it's safe to say, everything is GOOD on it.  Sarah, we hope you feel so loved, celebrated, and appreciated on your birthday next week.  You are a gift to us, and we cherish you, friend!

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