Five Things Friday

1. I have always been drawn to white homes.  They have such a timeless, classic, clean look.  This week when I went back to look through my pins from Pinterest, there was a reoccurring theme of pinned white houses.  Here are a few of my favorites...

Via  Pinterest

2. Have you guys seen the new Victoria Beckham line at Target?! It's amazing! I found this darling dress for Karis, and I can't get this gingham top out of my head! Way to go, Target!

3. It's hard to believe that we are almost done with the Nelson House.  This week, I've been driving to Salem everyday to get things ready for our big reveal on Saturday!  I've been taking my kids everyday (I can do that when it's Nana and Papa's house ;) ) and Karis has been decorating with all her stuffed animals.  It'll be fun to share the photos with you next week!

light, frames, art, dress (similar)

4. You guys... What is it about Easter Candy?! I can't stop eating Cadbury eggs.... Why are they so good?

5. Sunday is Easter, and both Aymee and I will be spending Sunday going to church, eating good food, and spending time with family.  We both go to Grace City Church in Corvallis, and if you're local looking for a church to go to this Sunday, we'd love to invite you to Grace!  Our church meets at the Whiteside Theatre, and services are at 9:15 and 11.  Let's be honest, we will most likely be at the 11 :) Have a great Easter weekend!