Five Things Friday

1. We had a team day in Eugene this past Monday, and we went to the Fifth Street Market.  The flowers there were absolutely incredible.  There's something truly special about flowers in the spring.

2. Speaking of the Fifth Street Market, they had the BEST affogatos... If you don't know what an affogato is, it's ice cream with a shot of espresso over the top.  Back in the day, my grandma used to pour a little coffee over my coffee, and ever since then its been one of my favorite treats.  I chose sea salt caramel gelato and Sarah chose honey chocolate chip... both were incredible!

3. I've been looking up inspiration for a potential client's master bath, and I've been drooling over glass showers.  Here are some of my favorites!

4. Sarah (Braevin) finished editing our portraits and project photos from a recent installation this past week.  I couldn't help but think about how grateful I am to do this thing with some really amazing people. I am especially thankful for Aymee.  Starting a business is A LOT of work, and I wouldn't/couldn't do this thing without her.  Ayms always makes me laugh, she is seriously SO hard working, she has more energy than anyone I know, and she is always such a strong source of encouragement.  

Molls: Earrings / Jacket / Top / Pants / Shoes

Ayms: Jacket / Top / Pants / Shoes

5. I found the perfect dress for spring/summer... and it happens to be 40% off this weekend. Gotta love that!

Have a great weekend!