Five Things Friday

1. This week there was a fun surprise for Light and Dwell... One of our photos was featured in the Rejuvenation Catalog! We love Rejuvenation, and couldn't be more excited to be featured alongside some other amazing designers and their spaces! If you get the Rejuvenation Catalog in the mail, we are on the first page! (Photo from Rejuvenation's instagram).

2. Aymee and I basically live in our black leather shoes.  We showed up to one of our consultations wearing them... alongside both wearing green shirts and jeans... Go figure!  But seriously, we love these shoes! You can find Aymee's shoes here, and mine here.

3. I'm sort of obsessed with herringbone brick patterns right now... here are some spaces I'm loving!

via  Studio McGee  

4. Easter is right around the corner, and I've been eyeing this gingham skirt. I think it would look cute with this casual tie-front white tee, paired with these pumps in sugar pink. What is it with us and gingham?! Our L&D team just can't get enough of it!

5. Gardening! I can hardly wait!!! This past week, I finally planted some flowers in our barrel planter on our back patio (the flowers I used for our Easter Tablescape post).  It's fun to look outside and see some bright colors (even if it's still cold and rainy outside).  Come on, Oregon... Get the spring weather memo.

Aymee's off to California for her daughter's cheer competition, and I'll be painting my life away (if the weather permits) this weekend.  What are your plans? Whatever they are, have a great weekend!