Five Things Friday

Since this weekend is Mother's Day, and some of you are scrambling, I thought I'd share Five Things that you could do for your Mom this weekend!

1. Trader Joes has some really gorgeous flowers.  Instead of just giving your mom flowers in the plastic wrap, buy 3 of the same arrangement (or our favorite thing to do is three of the same flower in the same color), take the flowers out of the plastic wrap and put them in a beautiful vase.

2. Everyone loves a mani/pedi... Call your mom's best friend to find out where she likes to go and get her a gift certificate to her favorite place!

3. If you're trying to save some money, bring your mom some coffee and a treat from a local shop in town (if you're in Corvallis, we recommend Tried & True), and write her a sweet letter (who writes letters anymore?!).  It's the little things, right?

4. No woman will say no to a day of shopping.  Gift her with a gift certificate to a place she loves. Some good places are Nordstrom, Madewell, and Restyle Home (if you're local)!

5. Who doesn't love a framed picture of their family?? Pick up a frame, and frame your favorite picture of you with your mom (we suggest black and white).  She will love it, and a picture speaks a thousand words!

Happy Mother's Day!