Five Things Friday

1. Sarah spent the weekend in California, and kept sending us pictures of cute shops.  I was especially dying over the pictures from Serena & Lily (insert heart-eye emoji)! As soon as I saw these chairs around the outdoor dining table, I lost my mind!

2. I have been wearing this top, these jeans (similar), and these shoes (similar) on repeat lately. As a mom with young ones, I'm always wearing jeans, comfortable shoes, and a comfy top.  It's easy to go from errands, to a playdate, to a design meeting in this uniform.

3. We are currently working on a few kitchen remodels, and I've been collecting inspiration.  I'm really loving wood cabinets again!  These are two of my favorite inspiration pictures.


Design unknown (please tell me if you know)!

4. Magnolia Magazine came out with their summer 2017 issue, and it's SO good. But, are we really that surprised? This July, I'm going to Waco and I'm really excited!  We'll be staying in Austin, so if you know of any good spots to eat/shop/see, please let me know in the comments! We also recently switched over our flannel sheets and heavy duvet to cotton sheets and a quilt. I'm a fan of the detail on this quilt... It adds subtle pattern and texture.

5. My youngest boy, Krew, has had skin issues since he was born... Its been a lot of trial and error to figure out what the source of it all is.  He has a peanut/egg/tree nut allergy, and he's also very sensitive to wool.  Since almost every rug in our house is wool, I needed something to place over the top for him to play on.  My dear friend from Utah has a company called "Gathre" (I'm sure you've heard of them, unless you're living under a rock - ha)! They make beautiful bonded leather mats that are hypo-allergenic and super durable.  We have one in every size (no joke), and they've seriously been such a life-saver for our family.  Check them out!  Also, a few of you asked me about my rugs on instagram, the blue one is from here, and the plaid one is from here.

Have a great weekend!