Five Things Friday

We've had a very busy week around here, with a few presentations and gearing up for an install we have next week.  Kitchens - for both new builds and renovations have been at the top of our list for current clients.  So, I thought I'd let you into my creative brain space and share the five kitchens that I'm gathering the most inspiration from and why!

1. Green/blue colored cabinets kitchen by Amber Interiors.  

It's easy to go wrong with colored cabinets, but this kitchen is done absolutely right.  The way Amber paired the cabinet color with the marble, white and natural wood is perfection.  

2. Colored cabinets/black accents/shiplap kitchen by Roundtree Construction.

The shiplap from the walls to the ceiling in this kitchen are my absolute favorite... Not to mention the gorgeous wood beams.... I mean, gorgeous!  The black countertops, hardware, and windows modernize the space, and breaks up the kitchen really beautifully.

3. White and natural wood kitchen by Park and Oak.

A white kitchen is always a good option in our book!  But, an all white kitchen can get boring without some added elements.  This white traditional kitchen paired with a wood island is perfection!  I can't get enough of this pairing.  The modern pendants give the kitchen some updated character, without being too modern.

4. Grey and Brass kitchen by Greige Design.

This combination is stunning.  The grey and brass are such a pretty combination.  The thing that makes this kitchen so inspiring is the hood.... Have you ever seen something so amazing? It's the show-stopper in this kitchen, and for good reason!

Via Greige Designs

Via Greige Designs

5. Black, white, wood kitchen by Studio McGee.

This kitchen is one I'm constantly going back to... and let's be honest... everything Studio McGee touches is pure gold (am I right?). Every little detail in this kitchen is on point, from the modern elements to the traditional palette.  It's a good one that I always keep in my back pocket.

Which kitchen is your favorite??

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, friends!