Five Things Friday

1. Our website has been given a fun refresh!  We've made a few changes, so make sure you do some snooping around!  If you need any sort of help with your branding or website, Sarah from Braevin is your gal!

2. If you've done some snooping on our website, or if you follow us on social media, you may have noticed that we added a FOURTH member to our team!  Ashley, is a new interior designer for the Eugene area!  Ashley and I met a few summers ago while working at Young Life Camp.  We immediately hit it off, and realized we had a lot in common (including a love of interior design)!  She's got a great eye, and we couldn't be more excited about adding her to the design team.  Check out her bio on our "Team" page!  Welcome, Ash!

3. Aymee is becoming our team barista haha.  Is she not the cutest one you've ever seen?  Don't worry, I got the details on her cute outfit too - you can get her gingham shirt here, leather jacket here, jeans here, and sandals here.  And speaking of coffee... We have some really exciting news about coffee + L&D + Tried and True coming in July!

4. Have you guys had the "Bare" Apple Chips? You guys... I'm telling you... They're delicious!  I'm trying to snack healthier, and these have hit the spot.  The "Red Apple" is my favorite.  Love them!

5. I spent last Sunday afternoon in Portland with a few of my girl cousins, and had so much fun! I had to take a picture with my cousin, Alex, because we were pretty much wearing the same outfit... Hysterical, no?  Have you guys been to the HUGE Anthropologie in the Pearl District? It's pretty much Heaven on Earth, and I could spend hours in there.  Also, nothing beats Portland food, am I right?  I love Oregon!

Have a great weekend!