Five Things Friday

1. Aymee is on her way to a 10 day cruise, and had a pit stop in Sweden.  She sent me some AMAZING pictures, and now all I can think about is taking a trip to Sweden someday.  Have you been?  These Scandinavian clogs are darling, and but not as darling as Jim and Aymee (am I right?). I told Aymee next time they go on a work trip for Jim, she needs to bring me along as her carry on.

2. Summer is here, and so I thought it was time to order a bathing suit.  I found one this year that covers my post baby body beauty marks, and is still stylish.  The most important thing, is that it's flattering, and I feel comfortable in it.  I ordered this suit in navy (on sale for less than $35), and I love it so much!

3. We are working on an AirBNB in Corvallis, that we are calling the "Corvallis Charmer".  I mean, look at it!

4. I can't stop pinning traditional homes like this one these days.  There's something about a classic curb appeal that gets me every time.

5. With Fourth of July right around the corner, I'm already thinking about a party!  I found this adorable cake on pinterest, and might try and replicate it.  Cute, right? 

Have a great weekend!