Five Things Friday

1. Last Friday, Ashley came down from Eugene for a meeting.  It ended up being a really encouraging time, and we couldn't be more excited to have her on the team!  If you're in the Eugene area, we'd love to work with you!

2. Even though Monday was a holiday, we had an install!  We can't wait to share with you the pictures from the Corvallis Acupuncture Remodel.  Sorry for my low quality iPhone pictures... Braevin will have better pictures to share :)

Sconce / Pillows (Light and Dwell Fall/Winter 2017 line!) / Coffee Table / Desk (custom Bourbon Moth)

3. I have found the PERFECT summer sandals... Now I just need to save for a year to afford them ;)

4. This week I received the cookbook of my dreams with all of our families food allergies.  It's called "Celebrations" by Danielle Walker.  You guys, it's incredible!  I made the potato salad for a BBQ, and it turned out really good.  If you have any food allergies, this cookbook is for you.

5. Now for some really exciting news... Our fabric came for our Fall/Winter 2017 Textile Line!  Every fabric is designed by our team, and we put a lot of thought and love into each pattern.  We will be launching our online site in July, and we couldn't be more excited about it!  Here's a sneak peek :) Which one is your favorite?!  (Once again, sorry for the horrible iPhone picture)!

Have a great weekend!