Five Things Friday

Today's Five Things Friday is written by Aymee!  She's been out of the country, so I thought it'd be fun to hear the top five things from her trip!



Jim and I were blessed to travel with State Farm(our other family business) on a Baltic cruise.  Our stops were

Stockholm, Sweden

St. Petersburg, Russia

Tallin, Estonia

Riga, Latvia

So much history, culture, food, and design inspiration.  Here are my top 5 I'd love to share with you!

  1. Plants.  Plants.  Plants.   Farmers markets, cafe’s, and second story courtyard’s...Astonia was full of them and with the coolest planters made from wood, metal, and concrete.  A L+D winning combo!  

  2. Is it weird to take dozen’s of photo’s of doors?  Don’t answer that question.  I know the answer.  You may change your opinion once you see these pictures...most were taken in Latvia and were several centuries old.  Stay tuned door lovers, Jason Hibbs from Bourbon Moth is making Jim and I a new painted barn door with a little design flare later this month!

  3. These wood floors were in Russia(Hermitage Museum), which were again very old!  It consists of different woods to make the design and installed with wood nails, what artists!  Millions of visitors have walked these rooms and they still look amazing!

  4. We could have just looked at buildings for days!  The beauty and detail were inspiring.  No expense was spared!

  5. Can you say “coffee?”  It was hard to stay on track when these little nooks and cranny cafe’s were everywhere.  From old castles to new-style thing they had in common was beautiful coffee with such amazing atmosphere.  No walk or drive-up coffee, the idea was to sit and stay a while!  Love it!


Doesn't that all sound super dreamy?! I was getting texts from Aymee of beautiful pictures every few days, and I was loving them!  It looks like Jim and Ayms had an amazing time.

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Have a great weekend!