Five Things Friday

There are so many good sales going on right now, that I thought I'd share five things everyone needs in their closet!  The best times to buy clothes are June/July and December/January.  During these transitional season times, you can find some amazing deals!  Here are five items I've got my eye on this sale season!

1. White Blouse -  It's a capsule piece and a staple!  I found this one, and snagged it 30% off of the sale price.  I also like this one, and this one!

2. LBD -  Little black dress... perfect for all seasons.  I found this one, and think it's a great buy at less than $50.

3. Jumpsuit - Jumpsuits might be my favorite thing as a mom.  I love that they never have a tight waist, they're easy to put on, and they always look put together.  I love this one

4.  Embroidered dress/or top - I love a good embroidered dress/or shirt!  It's a fun way to add color, especially if you're anything like me and your closet consists of mostly black, white, grey, and denim.  I really like this embroidered dress, and this embroidered shirt.

5. Gingham (duh) - We all knew this was coming ;) I love this gingham dress, this gingham top, and the fun gingham detail on this shirt!

Also, this picture is totally unrelated, but I love this olive bathroom SO much!

Have a great weekend!