Five Things Friday

1. This past weekend we installed the Corvallis Rustic Modern Living Room and Family Room!  At one point, we had about 8 cars in the driveway, 10+ people, and pure mayhem unloading cars filled to the brim with merchandise.  It was a blast! I loved seeing our team all together, working hard, and having a good time all at the same time.  Install days are my absolute favorite days, because the vision for the space becomes a reality all in one day (even though it takes months of designing, prepping, ordering, and tracking), it's more than worth it in the end when we get to bless our clients with a big reveal!  Here's a few pictures I took on my phone that don't give the spaces justice (that's what I need Sarah from Braevin for, so she can work her magic with her camera)! Once again, I feel so honored that this family entrusted us with their space and were sold on the vision, they were a dream to work with!  

*Side note, we will share all the sources from this home in a separate blog post!

2.  I've been on such a podcast kick, and both Aymee and myself have been loving the "Goal Digger" Podcast by Jenna Kutcher.  Are you guys fans of hers?  We are!  She has such good insight on running your own business.  I highly recommend listening to her if you're in the entrepreneurial world or hope to be!

3.  Brad and I went on a beautiful hike this week in Manzanita on the coast.  Oregon is seriously so gorgeous, sometimes I can't believe I get to live in this state.  Out of all the years we've lived in Oregon, neither one of us has been very into hiking on the Oregon Coast, but this weeks excursion changed our minds.  We now have a list going... Do you know of any good hikes on the Oregon Coast??  I'd love to hear!

4.  I recently painted my bedroom "Newburg Green" by Benjamin Moore, and have being loving the dark moody color.  I shared my dresser vignette on our Light and Dwell Instagram stories this week, and promised I'd share the sources on todays post, so here you have them!  Everything is under $50 (minus the art)!

5.  I put these boots on my birthday wishlist from the Nordstrom sale, and I bought these loafers from the sale with a gift card I'd been waiting to use.  They're both staples for fall!

Have a great weekend!