Five Things Friday

1. This heat wave is KILLING me... anyone else?! To beat the heat, we went to the beach on Krew's birthday (Wednesday).  We brought his teepee to keep us in the shade.  This teepee pretty much goes everywhere with is, it's lightweight, good shade, and it's adorable.

2. Scary news, good news... This week BOTH of Aymee's daughters got their license, watch out world!  Aymee wants to buy her girls these wallets with easy access to their license, now that they'll be on the road and needing it at all times.

3. It has been ridiculously hot here in Oregon, so I've been living in summer dresses!  Here are five I'm loving (12345).

4. This past week we worked on an AirBNB in Corvallis!  We absolutely LOVED working on this project.  The client is a good friend, whose a single mom, living in an unbelievable location right near the Oregon State campus.  She recently converted her basement into an AirBNB, and she hired us to furnish the space.  We were able to incorporate some of the pieces she already had (her sectional, and bed frame), but added everything else new.  This AirBNB is a dream, and we can't wait to share with you how we made it a charming, cheery, and modern AirBNB space!  Here's the design board we created (links below)!  We will share pictures from the space after we reveal the space to our client next week!

5. We are working on a modern home right now, and so I've been pinning lots and lots of modern spaces.  I'm DYING over this kitchen... How amazing is this black hood?  Follow us on Pinterest if you don't already (

Have a great weekend, friends!