Five Things Friday


1. We spent the weekend installing the Silverton Modern Traditional Living Room and Dining Room! Here's some fun before and after photos of the space!



 Here's the design board if you wanted to get a similar look in your home:

Lighting  /  Chairs  /  Clock  /  Art  /  Bourbon Moth Table  /  Serving Bowl  /  Vase  /  Plates  /  Bowls  /  Pitcher

Lighting  /  Art  /  Rug (similar)  /  Couch  /  Coffee Table  /  Small Gingham Pillow  /  Floral Pillow  /  Large Gingham Pillow  /  Table Lamp Shade & Base  /  Side Table  /  Chairs  /  Curtain Rod  /  Curtain Rings  /  Loveseat

2. Aymee is redoing her office, and has a dear friend who is a total #momboss mentoring her in business/finance.  She’s connecting her with other mom boss’s and it’s encouraging her to graduate from the kitchen table (which has been awesome) to “the hole” tiny funky space in the basement.  I'm helping her turn it into an inspirational oasis…more to come!  We are designing the room around wallpaper, and here are our top picks (1, 2, 3).

3. I know that this book came out last year, and everyone and their mom has already read it, but now I'm getting on the "Present Over Perfect" bandwagon.  Have you guys read this book? I heard it's amazing, but I love anything Shauna Niequest writes.  Some other books on my list are "Of Mess and Moxie", "Bossy Pants", and "Braving the Wilderness."

4. Along with having a gingham obsession, I also have a stripe fetish. Here are a few striped shirts I've got my eye on for fall (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

5. We are having a sale this weekend on our pillows! Don't forget to snag yours for 20% off using code LABORDAY20 and treat yourself to a new pillow (or two)!


Have a great holiday weekend! Be safe everyone!