Corvallis Modern Traditional / Before and Afters

We are so excited to share with you the before and afters of the Corvallis Modern Traditional Kitchen and Family Room!  This project was really fun for us, because we know the family personally, and they are near and dear to us.  They entertain A LOT, have 5 kids under their roof, and a dog!  To say it's a busy household would be an understatement.  This family is amazing, and they deserved a beautiful space that was functional and practical, yet updated and timeless.  The only thing original to this space is cabinets.  They were in great condition, and a light maple, so they were easy to have professionally sprayed.  Everything else is new, from the flooring, to the countertops, to the lighting, to the paint!  Thanks again to this sweet family for entrusting us with their home!

Scroll down for the before & after photos!


To refresh your memory, here are the BEFORE pictures of their kitchen:

Here are the AFTER pictures from the Corvallis Modern Traditional Project: