Five Things Friday

1. Remember how last week we shared with you the hard finishes for the Hurricane Harvey Home Project? Well, this week we are sharing ALL the design details for the kitchen, breakfast nook, family room, powder bath, and master bath.  We are so excited for this family, and can't wait to see this project come to fruition!

Tile  /   Island Countertop  /  Flooring  /  Paint  /  Hardware Pulls  /  Hardware Knobs  /  Sconce & Shade  /   Pendants  /  Faucet  /  Sink  /  Soap  /  Scrub Brush  /  Rug  /  Tea Towel  /  Countertop Stools  /  Mugs  /  Drinking Glasses  /  Salt & Pepper  /  White Serving Bowl  /  Wooden Serving Bowl  /  Wooden Spoons  /  Marble Utensil Holder  /  Recipe Box  /  Clear Canisters  /  Art  /  L&D Dottie Pillow  /  L&D Black Scout Pillow  /  White Vase  /  Ivory Planter  /  Pitcher  /  Cake Stand  /  Wooden Serving Board  /  Marble Serving Board  /  Green Seltzer Bottle  /  White Seltzer Bottle  /  Nook Light  /  White bowl centerpiece  /  Clear jar centerpiece  /  Table  /  Chairs

1/2 Bath:
Wallpaper  /  Vanity  /  Vanity Faucet  /  Mirror  /  Sconce & Shade

Family Room:
Mirror  /  Fiddle Fig  /  Lamp Shade  /  Lamp Base  /  Side Table  /  Beige Plaid Pillow  /  Multi-Color Pillow  /  L&D Blue Fern Pillow  /  L&D Navy June Pillow  /  L&D Jack Pillow  /  Sofa  /  Coffee Table  /  Rug  /  Chair  /  Floor Lamp  /  Art  /  White Blanket  /  Camel Blanket  /  Blanket Basket  /  Coffee Table Book  /  Clear Vase  /  Candle  /  White Centerpiece bowl  /  Small Paper Weight  /  Blue Vase

Master Bath:
Mirrors  /  Sconces  /  Towel & Wall Hooks  /  Vanity Countertop  /  Sink  /  Faucet  /  Vanity Hardware  /  Shower Wall Tile  /  Shower Hardware  /  Tub  /  Tub Hardware  /  Bathroom Floor Tile  /  TP Holder  /  Toilet

2. For real though, Aymee has been looking for a good pair of slippers for at least three years! In the meantime Costco nine dollar ones have been awesome but she couldn't pass up on this splurge… They will last forever right?  Right?

3. I've been trying to pull off red lipstick for years, and for some reason, I always have the hardest time finding the perfect shade!  I don't want to look like I'm playing dress up... Ya know what I mean? Good news though, I think I've found the one! It's not bright red, but a warm red, perfect for fall.

4. Mixing modern with vintage pieces has always been a design look I've been drawn to.  For example, I like mixing antique art with modern furniture, and wood pieces with mixed metals.  It's a mix I try to incorporate in every design.  Here are a few spaces that are really inspiring me.

5. I'm in the market for a new bed (ours has been passed down to us), and it's time for a new one!  Here are the top 3 we're currently looking at (1, 2, 3).  Which one is your vote? I think we are leaning towards option 2.

Have a great weekend!