Five Things Friday

1. I'm currently gathering some inspiration for a kitchen that will be SO MUCH FUN to design! The couple is eclectic, modern, and up for some colored cabinets (which makes me INCREDIBLY excited)!  Here are a few inspiration pictures I've gathered.

2. I promised I'd share our team's favorite smoothie with you, so here it is (thanks again, Louise)!

Creamy Carrot Smoothie (makes 2):

-1 frozen banana

-1.5 cups carrot juice

-1/3 c. cashews

-1/4 c. hemp seeds

-honey (or other sweetener) to taste


Blend... Enjoy!

3. Ayms and I finished up the Corvallis Minimal Industrial Project a few weeks ago, and just posted the before and afters of the project on our blog this past Wednesday (see post here). I feel so lucky to work with such an incredible woman, and I'm so glad we have such a balanced partnership.  Ayms is SO good at personal relations and finances, she balances out my creative and visionary self perfectly!  Every time we finish a project, I can't help but feel so proud of us... We're living our dream of having an interior design business!

4. Speaking of how much we love our partnership... We've added another team member to Light and Dwell! We don't have enough kind things to say about Kristina.  She is really talented, and we are thrilled to have her join the Light and Dwell Team! Read more about Kristina under our "Meet the Team" section! We can't do all the things without a strong team around us, and we're grateful for this new addition!

5. Did you guys see that we're having a pillow sale?! Well, make sure you check out all of our pillows that have been marked down!

Have a great weekend!