Five Things Friday

1. Last weekend we went to Houston to install the Hurricane Harvey Home.  Spending time there was so much fun, and we were absolutely spoiled by our hostess!  Getting the opportunity to work on this project was a no brainer.  We jumped on the opportunity to help a family who had their first floor completely ruined by the hurricane.  It was a crazy, fast process, but overall, our friends are thrilled with how it came together.  In a few weeks, we will share the photos from the project.  Here are a few iPhone pictures that capture our time in Houston (we even made our way to Round Top)!  Thanks again, Karli, for the great time!

2. It's no secret that Madewell is one of my favorite spots to shop for earrings!  Here are a few newly added earrings for Spring I've recently picked up/or have my eye on (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

3. Ayms confesses she's been a little bit of a "vagabond" this Spring (her words, not mine lol) and when we were in Texas, she realized she was needing a few new things for Spring. So while in Houston we stopped at Madewell and she picked up a new bag, earrings (1,2), and an airy pair of flats. What is it with us and Madewell?

4. Valentine's Day is next week!  Brad and I are headed out tonight, because our church is offering childcare for the evening so parents can go out for Valentine's Day (amazing, right?!). I like to dress up for Valentine's Day, but we're also pretty casual people.  Here's what I'm thinking outfit wise (dress, jacket, earrings, shoes). Gotta wear something I can expand in, because I know we'll be going somewhere good to eat :)

5. We've been working on a NEW PILLOW LINE! It'll be coming out late Spring/early Summer.  Right now, we are in the sample phase... Which means we're creating the patterns, and perfecting the sizes/colors.  Think spring colors, fun patterns, and lots of pattern mixing!  We're REALLY excited about this new line!  Here's some inspiration behind it.

Via  Tono + CO
Via  Pinterest
Via  Pinterest

Have a great weekend!