Five Things Friday

1. This kitchen keeps catching my interest.  I love how bright it is, and it appears bigger because of the ceiling.


2. Aymee and I are all about this smoothie! It's super delicious, and is really healthy!

Creamy Carrot Smoothie Recipe:

8 oz carrot juice

1 frozen banana

handful of raw cashews

2 tbsp hemp seeds

splash of vanilla

handful of ice

*Blend. Yum!

3. Here are some of my spring wardrobe favorites (most of these things are on sale this weekend!) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

4. We have two installs this coming week, one on Sunday and another on Monday.  Here are a few items I always have with me (water bottle, tinted lip balm in natural rose, perfume roller, shoes).

5.  It's time for a change, I'm chopping my hair today! I'm pretty sure I do this every pregnancy... anyone else do the same thing? I'm going for a bob like this...


Have a great weekend!