Five Things Friday

1. Let’s start with what I’ve been pinning lately… We’ve got a few wildly different large projects in the works, so I’ve been compiling lots of inspiration!

2. We are slowly making progress on our new house. I’m wanting to get everything finalized in the kitchen first (have I mentioned that I’ve changed the kitchen design a million times?). We are going for a warm, organic, European vibe. I’ve been collecting a lot of inspiration from Devol Kitchens (our faucet is from there)! Currently I’m stuck between “mushroom” and “gray” cabinets… What’s your vote (keep in mind, our hood will be white)! This is the last decision to make in the kitchen.

3. I may not have our cabinet color nailed down, but I do however have our drinking glasses, dinner plates, and a few other accessories (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) purchased for our kitchen. HA.

4. I made this banana bread yesterday and it is SO GOOD. I substituted gluten-free flour (the Namaste gluten free blend from Costco), flax egg for regular eggs, and chocolate chips for pecans to make it “allergy friendly” from our family. I wasn’t sure how all the substitutions would turn out, but it actually turned out great! We will definitely be making it again. The recipe is from the Magnolia Table Cookbook. Another great recipe from that cookbook is the Mac N Cheese… Oh baby. But don’t make the Mac N Cheese if you’re on a diet ;)


5. I am so ready for spring, anyone else? Madewell is having their 15% off sale for insiders this weekend, and I’ve got my eye on some spring items… because I’m in denial it’s snowing outside (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Have a great weekend!