Corvallis Acupuncture

We had a lot of fun installing the new location of Corvallis Acupuncture in South Town Corvallis!  The owner wanted a comfortable, clean, relaxing vibe. The reception and waiting area are bright and airy, while the treatment room is moody and dark with opal lighting. We meshed her love for all things Ikea and modern/minimal style with cool colors and layered textures to give it a relaxing put together look.  

Photography: Braevin 

Reception Area:

Coffee Table / Pillows (custom Light and Dwell coming July 2017) / Art / Floor Lamp / Oval Planter / Desk (custom Bourbon Moth) / Sconce / Plants (ReStyle Home) / Pencil Holder (ReStyle Home) / Pencils (ReStyle Home) / Chairs (Ikea) / Couch (Ikea)

Treatment Room:

Sconces / Art