Tips & Tricks for a Lighter and Brighter home

The number one question we get asked is, “How can I make my home feel lighter and/or brighter?” We hear you, and are desperate to help! It’s our specialty, making homes feel lighter, yet warm all at the same time. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when thinking about your own home.

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What is Full Service Design?

Hi friends! Have you thought about hiring Light and Dwell?  Are you intimidated by "Full Service Design"? Today's post is for you!  We're talking about what it is, the process, FAQ's, and why we have limited our services to only Full Service Design.  Ready? Let's go!

From right to left: Molly (Creative Director + Lead Interior Designer), Ashley (Interior Designer), Aymee (Business Director + Client Relations), Sarah (Brand Director + Photographer)

From right to left: Molly (Creative Director + Lead Interior Designer), Ashley (Interior Designer), Aymee (Business Director + Client Relations), Sarah (Brand Director + Photographer)

1. What is Full Service Design?

Full Service Design is from start to finish in any design project!  Light and Dwell pairs classic and modern design, to create fresh and livable spaces.  We have worked with clients from all over the country (along with Canada and Mexico).  Whether it's a new build, remodel, or furnishing a room in your home from scratch, we help you create the home of your dreams.  We work closely with our clients, and find that establishing a trustworthy relationship is the first step to a great design process.  We want our clients to feel confident when they hire us, and know that we will create a space that far exceeds their expectations.  From start to finish, we design your space, order your items, and install!  We love giving our clients that "HGTV moment!"  

2. What is the process for Full Service Design?


After you submit your design form (click on the Let's Get Started button above) we schedule an introductory phone call to discuss budget, vision and timeline. We then schedule an on-site consultation to understand more about your style, take measurements and dream about your new space.


Our design team works within your budget to compile a shopping list and visual design board of items that we believe will solve your design challenge. After designs are completed, we meet to present the design board, shopping list and discuss any edits or revisions you'd like made before we finalize and shop. Our goal is to design a space that you are thrilled about, we will revise and edit until the designs are perfect!

Sample Design Board with links (right):


Ordering items from the shopping list can be a daunting task, so we take care of that for you! We track, receive and store your items until our scheduled installation day.


This is where the magic happens. We bring in our team to transform your space and style it to perfection. This is our favorite part of the design process!

3.  FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. How does the design service fee work?
We create an estimate for the whole project which depends on the level of design work required. Some things to consider: do you need only furniture? How about hard surfaces? Is this a full remodel? Is this a brand new build?

Q. Do you offer hourly consultations?
We do not. We create a bid for the whole project.

Q. What’s not included in design fee? Do you charge for travel?
We do not manage subs or contractors, but we do communicate with them as needed. Our handyman fee is not included and will be an additional charge for the install day(s). We are based in Oregon, but love to travel! Travel fees to distant locations are not included in the design fee and will be discussed and invoiced separately.

Q. How much should I budget per space?
This is a tough question! Depending on your value preferences, and what you need to buy or update, we can provide an idea of what items we think are needed. 

Q. Do you create for us a 3-D design or CAD?
We provide a 2-D visual design board that displays all of your items for your approval. This helps to visualize the space as well. 

Q. Do you provide a Floor plan?  
We do not. Any floor plans will come from your contractor or architect, and we have some great recommendations for subs, contractors and architects to hire. We love having a floor plan for a project, so we always ask you to share yours with us.

Q. What about the Furniture assembly and installing lighting, curtain rods, art, shelving, etc.?
We have a trusted handyman that we bring along with us on install day. His work on install day will be billed at an hourly rate and invoiced separately. 

Q. Do you mark up products and merchandise from vendors? Can I buy my own stuff? Can I give you a coupon? What if it’s on sale? 
All great questions! We have relationships with a few of our vendors and do receive a kickback from products purchased. This being said, we do not additionally mark up any of the products, but simply charge the posted retail price. This also means that we do not honor coupons or sale prices.

Q. Can you incorporate some of my own furniture?
Yes! Absolutely.

Q. Who are your vendors? Where do you do your shopping?
We do our best to shop local and have vendors for metal and woodworking, accessories, and textiles. Our other favorite places to purchase product are: Crate & Barrel, Rejuvenation, West Elm, Potterybarn, Target, Restoration Hardware, and more!

Q. How do we pay for product?
You may pay via check or bank transfer and once we receive your payment and it clears, we order your product! Occasionally items may be back ordered or out of stock and so we do our best to improvise as go and check with you before final decisions are made.

Q. When you post on social-media, will people know it’s my space? 
If you grant us permission to post photos on social media from your space and use them in our portfolio, we always respect your privacy. We delegate a specific name to each project which helps describe the style of the space while protecting your identity.

4. Why have we limited our services to Full Service Design?

We get this question a lot!  The reason we have limited our services to Full Service Design is simple, our clients are a million times happier with the end result (check out our Client Testimonials, and Portfolio).  We recognize this service isn't for everyone and we have plans in the future to provide virtual design. 


If you have been thinking about working with us, fill out a design form on our website to get started!  We'd love to work with you to create the home of your dreams!

Gift Idea // In-Home Consultation

Any last minute shoppers out there? An In-Home Consultation could be the perfect gift!

Our In-Home Consult option for clients is becoming more and more popular.  It seems to be a great fit for those who have several pieces they would like to keep and have us incorporate.  Plus, we can look at several spaces or needs while we are with you (i.e. picking out a paint color or talking through future redo’s or tricky design challenges).   


Here’s what an in-home consult looks like:

  • Once in your space you share with us what is working/not working, what you love/hate, need/want for the space.
  • We move pieces around and “start over” with accessories.  
  • Then we will put back in what you/we love and talk through what is needed to finish the look.  
  • We shop right there on the spot with your input finding pieces and links for you to purchase.  
  • Once products are ordered/received we recommend(but is optional) having us back for another hour or two to do a final shop which often includes plants and last minute little pieces.


Our fee for in-home consulting is $125 an hour, usually it takes 2 hours per space.  We leave you with solutions and ideas for your space!