Kidd New Build / Exterior Hard Finishes

You guys! I’m sharing the exterior hard finishes with you for our new build, and I’m SO excited! We have yet to break ground, but it’s looking like it’s going to happen at the end of October (crossing my fingers).

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Here are some inspiration pictures for our exterior.

Kidd Office

The Kidd's are constantly having new house projects with their new home, and the next one on their list is a built-in office space, for right in the center of their home.  Since Molly's office is out of the home, and with littles running around, she needs it to be in a place where she can see her kiddos at all times.  The Kidd's are also looking for more storage options in their home, so with added built in spaces, that should help add some much needed space.  The office will be used by everyone in the family, not just Molly, so making it a central family station is key.  

L&D Pillows in Molly's House

We have pillows! Yay! It feels like such an accomplishment to us to have created our own textiles.  It's something we dreamed about, but didn't know if it would become a reality for us or not. We are currently only selling our pillows to our clients and at special events, but hope to in the future sell them on our website and wholesale.  Right now, we are in a trial phase, figuring out which pillows we use the most in our clients homes, and creating new patterns to see which ones fit together the best for our line.  Thanks for being patient with us as we navigate what's next for Light and Dwell Textiles!

Here's a look at our first batch of pillows in Molly's Home!


BEDROOM: L&D Fir Gingham and Sand Stripe Pillows / Lamps / Side Table (Similar)

NURSERY: L&D Solid Fir, Solid Navy, Gray Gingham, Navy Stripe Pillows / Shelf (Similar) / Frame / Crib (Similar) 

LIVING ROOM: L&D Navy Gingham, Black Aztec, Solid Fir, Sand Stripe Pillows / Sectional / Chair (Similar) / Rug (Similar)  / Coffee Table (Similar)