Five Things Friday

1. Inspiration found this week…


2. Aymee and I are in Charleston, South Carolina, for the Rise Business Conference! If you’re in business, I highly recommend going next year. Its been really helpful for our business… There’s lots for us to apply when we get back.


3. Everyone is all about the sneakers at this conference! I’ve seen ladies mix them with dresses, skirts, and jeans. Here are a few of my favorites.

4. The Kidd House is getting closer to being finished, and I CANNOT WAIT! We are getting so excited move in, and are crossing our fingers that we’ll be moved in before the holidays! Here’s a little sneak peek of the almost finished kitchen I took on my iPhone (apologies for the bad lighting, I took this at night!)…


5. I’ve had a lot of questions about kitchen hard finishes in our house, so I’m here to share a few with you (plus a few more kitchen things)! Cabinet Color: “Naturel” By Sherwin Williams.

Have a great weekend!

Five Things Friday

1.Inspiration found this week…

2. Last Friday night, my good friends threw me a really fun costume birthday party! The party was at Tried and True in Corvallis. Everyone came dressed to impress in their costumes, and I had the best time with some of my closest friends ringing in this new decade! Brad and I went as the “tooth fairy” and dentist, Aymee and Jim went as “Stranger Things” characters. Good, good times! :)


3. Speaking of last weekend, we also installed our Brooklane Project! It was a blitz of a weekend to say the least! Here are a few preview iPhone pictures from the install. I love that this project showcases our more traditional side. More pictures and reveals to come!

4. Recipe time from Ayms!

“Our oldest is always on the look out for healthy recipes.  This last couple months, she’s trying on going vegan.  Good on her, but that means I need help thinking about what in the world vegans eat!  "Help Instagram,” and you know she delivered!  I love these kinds of “recipes” where you can just look at the picture and make something similar by what is in the fridge and needs to get eaten! “

Recipe Via  Give Me That Plant


Start with a starch (potato or sweet potato or some sort!)

We’ve all got a can of beans in the pantry! If chic peas roast them first! (Oil, salt n pepper in the oven) better than candy!

Guacomole or just cut up some avocado

Garnish: Onion, tomato’s…whatever!

Drizzle with some sauce you like and there you have it! Oh, I might also fry an egg for a little protein if I felt fancy.

5. Let’s talk favorite things lately… I’ve recently put these items in homes, and I love all of them! Thinking about incorporating them somehow in my house ;)

Five Things Friday

1.Inspiration found this week:


2. Today I turn 30! Looking back on this past decade, so much has happened. I married my high school sweetheart, graduated from college, moved to a new state, bought a house (actually 4!), had 3 babies, was in full time college ministry for 4 years, started a business, moved back to Oregon, and created so many memories along the way. I feel so grateful for all the things in my life. The challenges, and the good times, there have been many of both in this past decade.

Thinking about my 30’s, I want these years ahead to be full of grace, compassion, laughter, and intentional health. My 20’s were chalk full of new adventures, and I want to be more rooted in my 30’s… No matter what I’m doing or how busy life seems. I think like most of you, I worry about my life mattering, and making a difference in this world for the better. I want to love all the people in my life well and with intention, because in the end, that’s all that really matters, right?

Tonight I’m celebrating with some good friends, can’t wait!

3. I honestly didn’t have anything on my birthday list this year, besides finishing our house ;) BUT, if I did have a wishlist, here are a few things that would be on it… maybe Christmas?

4. Warning… Aymee’s recipe this week is super addicting and very unhealthy :) Perfect timing for Halloween!

“We are almost empty nesters and the last kid has a license and a social life = we have some free time on our hands! With that, we like to have friends over to play games and come on, it’s all about the snacks. Here what we are serving, oh and the game of choice is Hearts.” -Ayms

“Crack Corn”

3 bags popped popcorn

Pecans (optional)

1/4 cup karo syrup

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup butter

Put the popped corn and nuts in a gigantic bowl. I take the time to pull out all the un-popped kernels (your dentist will thank you). On the stove combine syrup, sugar, and butter bring to boil. Boil 4 minutes stirring constantly (don’t let it burn!). Pour over corn and nuts, stir really well. Pour onto 2 large buttered rimmed cookie sheets, and bake at 200 for 1 hour. Serve warm? You might get voted in as president…people lose their minds. The smell and taste is to die for.

5. I shared this rug on instagram stories yesterday, and you all went bananas over it (partly because I got it for only $350, and it’s real wool). I thought I’d share a few of my other favorite Etsy finds.

Have a great weekend!