Get the Look / Salem Scandinavian Dining Room & Desk Area

This dining room is so fresh and bright, we can't get enough of it!  We are sharing with you how to "get the look" of this dining room and desk area from the Salem Scandinavian House!  All the products are linked below!

L+D_GetTheLook_Salem-Scandinavian_dining room&desk area.png

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Five Things Friday

1. I have been really inspired my beaded chandeliers recently.  I'm hoping to add one into a client's home soon... We just need the right client. You, perhaps? :) Here are a few spaces I keep coming back to.

Home Bunch

Home Bunch

2. I spent a lot of time outdoors this week, even though it didn't reach above 60 degrees. All of us at L&D love being outdoors, and the PNW is such a great place to explore.  I found myself at the coast, in the valley, and in the mountains.  I was drawn to the unique wood siding I found in the different locations.  I loved this house I found on the coast, and I also loved this cabin I found in the woods. Even though both places were completely different, I found myself needing my rainboots and sunglasses (the irony, right?). Oh to be an Oregonian.

3. Dog sitting this week has reminded me that I'm not ready to add one to our family... I love dogs... But... I can barely take care of two tiny humans, a big man, and myself.  How do you animal owners raise both humans and animals at the same time?!

4. Krew's nursery is coming together! I love it when I can recycle things I used in Karis's nursery, like this black and white striped teepee! But, I have to admit... the thing that makes the nursery is the cute chubby baby that lives in it.

5. Aymee's birthday is this coming week, and we are sharing her birthday wishlist!

Aym's makes everything happen in terms of taking care of our clients, organizing our business, communicating with all parties, and taking care of all the itty bitty details that I would absolutely overlook! She is AMAZING. Aymee is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met, and she is a light to everyone around her.  I admire and look up to this beautiful woman so much!

Ayms, I wouldn't want to live this dream with anyone else! Happy Birthday!!! 

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Have a great weekend!

Kidd Main Bath // STYLE BOARD

It has been a while! 

As some of you know, Molly and her husband recently welcomed baby boy Krew into the world in August.  Hence the MIA blog posts :)

But, we are back! Yay! 

We have so many fun projects in the works right now, and we can't wait to share them all with you! 

If you have been following along with us the past few months, you would know that Molly recently moved into a fixer upper home, and has been sharing her remodeling inspiration boards on the blog, as well as updated pictures and videos on our social media pages (make sure to follow us on instagram/facebook/and twitter if you aren't already)!  Today, Molly is sharing her main bath inspiration board.  When the house is completed, we will share all the before and after pictures with you!  But since the Kidd's are doing all of the work themselves, it's a slow, but steady process ;)

Here are some pictures that inspired Molly's Main Bathroom:




Kidd Main Bath Style Board

Via Light and Dwell, llc.

Via Light and Dwell, llc.

Floor Tile // Sconce // Mirror // Towels // Hardware // Cabinet Color: Benjamin Moore "Soot" // Faucet // Shower Curtain


Check in later for the Kidd Main Bath Reveal!