We love partnering with local vendors for our coffee, custom textiles and clients.
Learn more about each artist below and why we think they're the best!

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Power couple. These two creatives are an incredible match, and we are so thankful to know them! They met working up at Camp Tadmor over ten years ago, which is where they first met Molly as well! We all crossed paths again last year at church, and asked Jason if he’d be our “Clint” (Fixer Upper, anyone?). Cara is an amazing artist. Her tea towels have been featured in “Country Living Magazine” and sold in West Elm pop-up shops. Besides being incredibly creative, they are two of the most generous humans on the planet. We adore them, and love working with them!


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Katie Hoffman


Talented, creative, and hospitable are a few words that describe Katie best. We crossed paths with Katie a year ago, and immediately after meeting her, we knew we had to collaborate with her. She is so creative and good at what she does, it’s kind of insane. Katie designs beautiful invitations, calligraphy prints, watercolor, and offers classes on calligraphy throughout Oregon. When she’s not working, she’s hanging with her husband and beautiful daughter. Also, did we mention she lives in the most incredible “tree house” in Corvallis…it’s amazing!




Talk about a woman who has spunk! Tammy is one of the hardest working people around, and she’s incredibly personable. Every time we see her, she’s full of energy and tenacity (you would have no clue her actual age, I’m pretty sure she has been 45 for the past two decades).  She’s gifted at her craft, and has been in the sewing business for years. Aymee’s grandma and mom both have had Tammy sew for them in the past, which is how our relationship blossomed. When Tammy isn’t sewing, you might find her cruising the Oregon Coast in her Mustang Convertible. Yes, she’s that fun.




You know those friends that seem “too cool” for you? Yeah, Ann and Collin are those friends for us. They are seriously the coolest couple in Corvallis. You might recognize Collin by his signature beard, and Ann by her impeccable style! As soon as Molly was introduced to Ann, she knew she had to be friends with her. Both Ann and Molly have daughters within a year of each other, and they immediately bonded over their love of coffee, design, Jesus, and being business owners. Ann and Collin own Bespoken Coffee Roasters, and co-own Tried and True Coffee. Their coffee is the best in town, and if you ever visit one of their shops, you have to try a cappucino (they’re not only delicious, but pretty as well).  




The whole package, that’s Sarah! When Sarah jumped on board with Light and Dwell last year, we freaked out (in a good way), because we knew we were getting such a good addition to our team!  She is incredibly gifted at graphic design, photography, and keeping our team organized. :) We met Sarah years ago through Young Life College at Oregon State, and have kept in contact throughout the years. Sarah graduated from Oregon State with a degree in Graphic Design, and is currently doing freelance graphic design and photography. When she’s not working, she’s running, traveling, or hanging out with friends. We’re never letting her go, she’s that good!